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“Voyager et photographier, regarder le monde dans lequel nous vivons: je ne peux pas imaginer une meilleure façon de vivre cette vie qui nous a été donnée”

Steve McCurry

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Wildlife photography

Capturing photographs of animals and their natural habitats requires patience, skill, and knowledge of both photography and the behavior of the animals being photographed.

Paris forever

Paris is one of the most famous and beloved cities in the world. Overall, Paris is a city of endless charm and beauty, and it continues to captivate and enchant visitors from around the world.

Around the world

We love capturing images while traveling to different places. Taking pictures of the landscapes, people, architecture, and culture of the places we visit allows us to capture and share the essence of a place

“Photography is my passion, especially wildlife photography. In search of capturing those brief moments of communication with animals, that furtive look, the grace of a movement… An approach that requires patience and great reactivity. But when the planets align, happiness and emotion are at the rendez-vous”.

Anthony MICELI


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Join us on our captivating journeys as we explore different corners of the world. From enchanting destinations in France to thrilling adventures abroad, we’ll share the moments that stir our emotions, delve into diverse cultures, and uncover the stories of history. We invite you to leave your comments. Until we meet again on this beautiful planet!

French Guiana

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French Guiana is known for its rich biodiversity and dense rainforests, which cover over 90% of its territory. The region is home to a number of unique animal species, including the jaguar, giant anteater, and harpy eagle. French Guiana is also home to the Guiana Space Centre, a major spaceport and research facility used by the European Space Agency. French Guiana has a diverse population made up of people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, including indigenous peoples, people of African descent, and people of European descent.

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