4FRAME was created in June 2022 but is the result of a passion of more than 40 years for photography of its founder, Corinne Miceli. Passion passed on to her son for a family adventure whose main objective is to share the emotions felt around the world through the eye of the camera.

“Photography is my passion, especially wildlife photography. In search of capturing those brief moments of communication with animals, that furtive look, the grace of a movement … An approach that requires patience and great reactivity. But when the planets align, happiness and emotion are there”.

Anthony Miceli, wildlife photographer, January 2023

“The Earth is so beautiful! The photographer tries to freeze time and to immortalize these suspended moments of intense emotion. If while looking at our photos a shiver crosses you, an emotion invades you, just as we felt them while pressing the shutter of the camera, we will have succeeded in our mission, for shared happiness “

Corinne Miceli, Founder of 4FRAME and photographer, January 2023

“A real pleasure to share this family adventure! With more than 30 years of experience as a commercial agent in the art world, I could not have dreamed of anything better than to participate in the diffusion and highlighting of artistic photographs from my own family.”

Giacomo Miceli, commercial agent, January 2023

Holder of a university diploma in communication and a diploma from SKEMA Business School in digital marketing after 3 years at the EDC Paris Business School in Marketing management, communication is my universe. Consulting in website design, logo creation… this is my contribution to the 4FRAME adventure!

Jessica Miceli, communication consultant, January 2023

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