Djoudj National Park

The Djoudj National Park is one of Senegal’s natural treasures. Located in the Saint-Louis region in the north of the country, it is famous for its biodiversity, especially its populations of migratory birds.

This park, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, is a paradise for ornithologists and nature enthusiasts. Every year, millions of migratory birds make a stopover here during their journey between Europe and Africa, especially during the dry season.

Djoudj also hosts a wide variety of other animal species, including crocodiles, hippos, buffaloes, warthogs, and many more. Its landscapes of marshes, flooded savannas, and forests provide vital habitat for these species.

In addition to its ecological value, the Djoudj National Park also plays a crucial role in conserving the region’s water resources and maintaining the ecological balance of this precious ecosystem.

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